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About us
Pianosoft is an international, privately held multimedia software company founded in 2000. From a small, startup company offering handful of software titles to music teachers, we've become a large software publisher with over 30 software products and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Our mission is to create easy to use, effective, highly educational and entertaining software products. Our specialty is crafting the highest quality, cost-conscious, professional audio software solutions tailored for the needs of our most demanding customers. To achieve our objectives, we nurture customer centric environment where customer's needs come first. As a result, all our software titles have exceptionally competitive pricing, they all feature "try before you buy" and all customer's questions and/or concerns are answered within 12-24 hours.

In addition to our line of packaged software solution, we provide on-demand, project oriented multimedia software development services. Our experience, years in business and satisfied customers are guarantee that your specific needs will be answered cost effectively and according to the highest professional standards. Please feel free to contact us about your needs. We will provide a quick response about feasibility, time-line and the project development cost.

Pianosoft works with corporations, government agencies and/or other large organizations in designing, developing and deploying organization wide audio software solutions. Let us know your technical requirements, or volume pricing questions, and our sales professional will contact you for further discussion.

We also feature a highly competitive private brand relabeling program that enables repackaging of our software solutions under a different brand name and customizing it based on reseller's needs.










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