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Manage your dictations easily and efficiently


Download trial version (Designed to work on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP)

Order securely online (US$29.90), by phone, or fax


My Flexible Dictaphone is fully featured, software based voice recording and variable playback system.

Purpose of software is to provide traditional way of typing assistance adapted to be used on computer. Thus people who don't want to hunt and correct typing errors made by voice recognition softwares, or train some software to recognize their words better, have easy, quick and efficient solution for their typing jobs.

Basically, there are 2 most common way to use this software :

Self dictation utility - users who don't know blind typing (typing without looking in keyboard) could easily retype documents by reading and recording audio from document first, then typing without other person dictating assistance

Enhanced traditional dictaphone - software can be used the same way as traditional dictaphone, with advantage to have dictation in form of digital audio ready to be sent to typist as E-mail attachment

My Flexible Dictaphone introduces pitch compensated variable playback technology which gives opportunity to adjust dictation speed, so it corresponds to users' typing skill and speed. Software can record dictations, or transfer recordings from portable dictation devices in 4 audio formats* : Dictation file (*.mfd), Wave (*.wav), MP3 (*.mp3), Windows Media Audio (*.wma). All audios can be easily sent to typist by E-mail after recording.

My Flexible Dictaphone is suitable for use along with any word or text processor. It has logical and convenient which are functional even if software is not visible on the screen .Operations like Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Fast forward, Slow down, Speed up,Volume up,Volume down are accessible in every moment during typing process in your favorite word processor.

You can manage audio recording simply in just a few seconds, with a few clicks. In the same time ,there are plenty of options, so you can decide between best audio quality and most compact audio file size. Through Pause and Resume function you can append data sentence by sentence to single dictation file. It is also possible to use software as utility to transfer your analog audio recordings such LPs or music cassetes into digital fomats such MP3 or Windows Media Audio .

My Flexible Dictaphone
comes in three versions : Basic, Standard and Pro .

(US$ 29.90) Basic version is simple and effective solution to record, send, or type by yourself dictations. It includes pitch compensated variable playback speed technology. Dictation audio format ( *.mfd) and Wave (*.wav) are supported formats for playback and recording .

(US$ 39.90) Standard version besides Basic version features, has MP3 and Windows Media Audio as playback supported audio formats. It could be used for typing dictations recorded with My Flexible Dictaphone Pro on another computer, or other dictations recorded in MP3 or WMA format .

(US$ 49.90) Pro version features : Pitch compensated variable playback speed technology, Dictation audio format ( *.mfd), Wave (*.wav),Windows Media Audio ( *.wma), MP3 (*.mp3) are supported as playback and recording formats .

























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