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Music transcribing and transposing software

Download trial version (Designed to work on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista)

Order securely online (US$29.90), by phone, or fax


Manipulate audio with this award winning tool that can slow down MP3, transcribe, transpose, and alter tempo speeds. Mutate the audio however you like!

Pulse Master is a neat Audio player which supports most of the popular audio formats.
Features include:

- Increasing/decreasing audio tempo (speed) without distorting the pitch.
- Increasing/decreasing audio pitch without changing the tempo.
- Record your changes and encode it to a new file in MP3 format!

The purpose of this software can be either for fun or professional use. Some fun ways to use this MP3 player can be:

- Speeding up your favorite song to get you in a fast paced mood, or slowing down a song to achieve a relaxed atmosphere.
- Play jokes on your friend by distorting a singer's song of whom you don't really like.
- Letting your kids play with "chipmunk" and "bear" voices or let them relax with a tempo-decreased song.

Some suggestions for professional use are:

- You can slow down MP3 and other audio formats, and/or repeat parts of music which are too fast to be recognized and transcribed correctly.
- Transpose music in a different key so you don't have to retune musical instrument.
- Singers may change pitch to correspond with their vocal abilities, as well as slow down music to comprehend words and/or pronunciations in different languages.
- Music teachers can show their pupils the real techniques of great musicians by slowing down the music, thus giving them a more accurate interpretation of it.
- Dancers and choreographers may easily adjust music's tempo depending on their skill.
- Could also be used as an adaptable dictation tool for all kinds of typing jobs.

Pulse Master performs all of the changes in real time without the need to create or preprocess existing audio files. Supports playing of all important audio formats - audio CDs, MP3 , WMA, AAC, M4A, MP4, FLAC, WAV , Ogg Vorbis..


Pulse Master comes in 5 versions :

· (US$29.90) Pulse Master Standard version features: unlimited playback duration, loop playback with looping window adjusting controls, modification result export to Wave audio format and encoding to MP3 . No playback support for audio CD tracks, AAC and MP4 audio formats.
· (US$39.90) Pulse Master Pro version features: Standard version features, beats per minute calculator, transpose calculator. No playback support for audio CD tracks, AAC and MP4 audio formats.
· (US$49.90) Pulse Master Pro EQ version features: Pro version features, playback support for audio CD tracks, AAC and MP4 audio formats, modification result direct export to MP3, WMA, OGG, 10 band equalizer with 17 presets, fade in and fade out controls, vocal remover, audio mark system availability
· (US$59.90) Pulse Master Pro WR version features: Pro EQ version features, audio CD writting capability
· (US$69.90) Pulse Master Pro RC version features: Pro WR version features, 6 audio formats sound card recorder with silence detection, modification result direct export to AAC, MP4, music capture from movies and protected audio files

Version comparasion table
Pulse Master
Pro EQ
Pro WR
Pro RC
Unlimited playback time
Loop controls
Export to Wave
BPM calculator
Transpose calculator
Playback of audio CD tracks
Playback of AAC audio
Playback of MP4 audio
Export to MP3
Export to WMA
Export to OGG
17 preset equalizer
Vocal remover
Fade in, fade out controls
Audio mark system
Audio CD creation
Sound card recording
Signal detection
Protected file capture
Anti clipping recording
Silence split/remove recording
Export to AAC
Export to MP4











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User testimonials :

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I am having a great time with your Pulse Master program! I would tell every musician or singer out there YOU NEED THIS Valuable TOOL!! Thank you! "
Michael Phillips,Muscatine,USA

"It's really a great product.
I've never seen anything quite like it available before. It's exactly what I've needed."

Rick Thomas, Morris, USA

"Thanks for such a great product. It's invaluable to learning musicians."
Steve Moldovan, Grant Park, USA

"This program is a elementary music teachers dream come true!"
Lisa Verchereau, Cohoes, USA

"Thanks for the prompt service. The new software is great..."
Tony Arnold, Taylor ,USA

"Thank you so much! Very fast and excellent service!"
Christine Lovelace, Washington, USA

"I found your program the most easiest to use out of the lot. It does everything I need it to do and it was very cost efficient. Overall this is an awesome program. I am very impressed ! Thank you. "
Shannon Dull, Lakeland, USA

"When I found the Pulse Master trial version on the web I tried it and thought that it was neat, but I also thought that $40 for the Pro version was a little too much to pay...When I think of the tens of thousands of dollars I have spent on music equipment I could faint. Not one purchase has had even half the power or impact on my performance and creativity as the Pulse Master Pro software has. Now when I think that I almost passed it up for 40 bucks I could kick myself."
Jim Vuocolo, Mays Landing, USA

"I was thinking about buying the Tascam gt-1 and as I was searching the internet for slow tempo, your page came up. I downloaded the trial version and I am very happy that I did.Thanks."
Agustin Pineda,Thornton,USA

"I would also like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided me and if you wish for me to provide a positive customer quote anytime I would be very pleased to do this.
Best Regards,"
Nick Lipton, Littlehampton, United Kingdom

"...That is exactly what I was wanting to know. Incidentally, this support service of yours is quite the best I have come across in a long time."
Tony Linscott, Truro,
United Kingdom

"Thank you for such a "nifty" product!"
John Catlin, Hyannis, USA

"I tried the demo and liked it. Thanks for the great product."
Eric Roling, Brooklin Park, USA

"It's amazing. Irish songs slowed down and put in the key of my accordian is a dream come true."
Elisabeth Cook, Blackheath, Australia

"Thank you and your team for developing this software."
Jim Yacabucci, Jamul, USA

"...we love this software."
Ray Taylor, Goshen, USA

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